Sweet, sweet Linux...

Ten ways Linux can turn you green

From energy savings to longer lifespans for equipment, Linux can improve the eco-credentials of your technology environment

Microsoft rep faces tough questions at Linux Summit

Microsoft's commitment to delivering compatibility with open source software is largely driven by user demand. Indeed, a growing number of companies are deploying Apache, PHP, and other open source software components on Windows-based servers. Microsoft seems to have noticed this trend and has been working to build closer ties with the Apache community.

Linux Life Insurance: 21 Top-Notch Backup Tools

Would you turn down a free insurance policy? That's exactly what Linux users get, thanks to this collection of free, open-source data backup tools. I have tried a lot of backup software over the years. And I know that one person's perfect backup tool is another person's waking nightmare. It all boils down to finding the right tool to match your personal preferences and your company's business needs.

New Linux based mobile computers from Nokia

Nokia is committing very serious resources to the development of it's own new Linux platform (originating from Maemo but significantly rewritten and much more advanced). It will be launching the new type of mobile devices/computers/communicators based on it later this year.

Three Reasons Linux Will Win in the Future

Linux is the fastest-growing platform in every aspect of computing. If you think about it, you'll realize just about every person in the modern world uses Linux multiple times every day. Whenever you program a DVR, visit an ATM, run a Google search, use an in-dash GPS or read an e-book on your Kindle, you're using some flavor of kernel-based software. As we add more devices into the mix, the list keeps growing.

Linux Desktop Hardware Myths Explored

Perhaps one of the most common myths surrounding desktop Linux is the belief that modern distributions do not provide decent hardware support.

First look: Fedora 11 beta shows promise

The Fedora development community has announced the availability of the first Fedora 11 beta release. The new release gives users the opportunity to get an early look at the features that will be included in the next major version of the popular Linux distro.

Linux laptops look to phone stores and Web for distribution

Microsoft's strategy for fighting off Linux laptops, which are Netbooks powered by Ubuntu or Android, seems clear. Keep them out of retail distribution. At a conventional computer store like Fry's in Duluth, Georgia this is working great.

10 ways Microsoft could help Linux

I confess, I never thought I would write such a title. Microsoft helping Linux? No way. I was always of the mind that Microsoft and Linux would forever be mortal enemies and one, hopefully Linux, would rise above the other in absolute world domination.

Well, that hasn't happened. In fact it seems as if the two operating systems are determined to coexist in the IT world.

Linux File Managers compared

TuxArena has a comparitive overview of 10 different file managers available for the Linux operating system. I typically use either PCManFM or Nautilus, but Vifm looks interesting, since I'm a fan of the VIM text editor.

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