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Why you shouldn't care about Linux on the desktop

As a desktop operating system, Linux isn't important enough to think about. For servers, it's top-notch, but you likely won't use it on your desktop -- even though it did finally manage to crack the 1% barrier after 18 years.

Linux Certification Not Required

For experienced technicians and engineers, the opinion is that experience is the most important for landing a job. In the minds of newbies and wannabes, certifications rule. Certifying authorities and vendors, of course, want you to spend the money obtaining the certifications and are ready to cite instances where certification is required for employment.

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Looking for an alternative to those agonizingly slow Windows startups?

Maybe you'd like to get to work quickly, checking a few Internet sites and reading your mail without wasting time watching your machine load antivirus and spyware programs ad infinitum. Or maybe you'd just like to try Linux without leaving the friendly confines of Windows.

The Day, Or Year, The Linux Desktop Died

It was back in 2002, according to Sam Trenholme, the creator of the secure DNS server software MaraDNS. That was the year that forces conspired to make sure Linux on the desktop would never become a reality. Linux as a server was another matter entirely, but to him the "Linux desktop" is as dead as the Amiga.

The new Linux.com is open for business

The Linux Foundation has opened the doors on its new Linux.com, a new news, discussion and blogging site

OpenOffice.org 3.1: The next generation

The latest version of the open-source office suite OpenOffice.org 3.1 has just arrived, and it's a good one. While some of the improvements are visible to the naked eye, I found that the most important changes were hidden under the hood.

Lies, Damn Lies and Linux Market Share Statistics

Linux market share ... how does one even attempt to measure such a figure? Commercial software can be tabulated by units sold, but when so many copies of Linux operating systems are tossed around the Net for free, who's counting? A few outfits tried recently, and the results caused quite the commotion.

Migrating To Linux

There are plenty of guides that offer advice on how to avoid trouble running or managing Linux systems. It's just as important, however, to catch and avoid problems that can doom a Linux migration project before you install a single piece of software.

Linux Group Investigates Microsoft Patents in TomTom Case

A Linux group is hoping to discredit three Microsoft patents that were at the heart of a recent lawsuit with GPS device maker TomTom.

The Open Innovation Network is asking people to examine three patents and submit any so-called "prior art" that might call into question the validity of the patents. Prior art is information published before the patent was issued that descr

Ubuntu CEO Sees Shift In Service Models

Mark Shuttleworth is winding up his press junket this week to promote Ubuntu operating system version 9.04 or "Jaunty Jackalope," but he says the real work now begins: making sure companies continue to build services around Ubuntu's OS.

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