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Strangely addicting.

Check out the following page. There is something strangely addicting about ranking people like this

That page may or may not contain adult material.

Burritos...food of the gods?

There has been major speculation lately at the "Pimp Shack" on the origins of the burrito. We have come to the conclusion that the burrito may well be the worlds most perfect food, some here even think it may have been sent to earth directly from heaven, as a gift from god. Supporting this claim, is the fact that the Pope is believed by Catholics to be one of the holiest men on earth, and it is scientific fact that the pope lives in Italy. Furthermore, the phrase "Manna from heaven", seen in scripture, was not referencing unleavened bread but was improperly translated when placed in the modern bible. Few people know the truth, that the phrase is actually Italian in origin and is correctly translated as: "Man'ah dis'a burrito's from'a heaven". We think this is sufficient proof that burritos are indeed the food of the gods.

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