Sweet, sweet Linux...

This frightens me.

If you're not into the whole cloning your pet thing perhaps you would prefer to mummify them. This company will do just that, for the bargain price of $6000.

Here Sparky. Come on boy.

Yoda was kind enough to offer up this nugget of knowledge about cloning your pet. He says, that he's considering cloning about a million Taco Bell chihuahua dogs and taking over the world. I'm all for it if he gives me free burritos.

Look out below!

Jpang notified me that the Mir space station will be doing some free form diving into the Pacific Ocean sometime in February of 2001. Take a look at the article on CNN for more info. I was thinking of maybe taking a trip to that area in February, so I can slap a nice lawsuit on someone when it hits me in the head on the way down.

Must be humor day.

Lots of funny things sent to me today. First off, Xey sent me a link to some jackass on PCP who blew himself up. Very shocking indeed. Next off, Webb submitted this movie about the advertising industry. You'll need Quicktime to view it.

Calling all geeks...Feeling lonely?

Jpang suggested that you guys may be interested in this Russian mail-order bride service. It's been very helpful to me, as I use it to buy all my Russian women.

Chipmaker AMD set to drop the hammer.

This story on ZDnet, outlines the coming chips from AMD. Speeds of up to 2GHz are expected soon. Wow, just imagine playing Solitaire on that!

Not sure who's president of the United States?

Then why not take some time out of your busy schedule to do some christmas shopping, Florida style.

The Reflex Tester

Here is a link to a pretty neat site where you can test how fast your reflexes are. My best time was .233. What's the best you can do?

Installing an IDE CDRW.

With CDRW's being as cheap as they are these days, there's really no reason not to own one. IDE CDRW's tend to be even less expensive than their SCSI counterparts, so in this article, we'll detail how to install that shiny new piece of hardware on your Linux box so you can burn all those mp3's you have.

Swedish Chef

Xey sent me a link to this remailer, which converts your messages to "Swedish Chef" speak prior to sending. The source code was freely available, so,

after laboring over fresh baked, from scratch, PHP code for a while, I've taken the liberty of setting up a remailer here on The Linux Pimp. You can find it here.

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