Sweet, sweet Linux...

Pentium4 Released!

Well, the Pentium4 was released today. This article

over at Wired was the first to state that there

will not be a significant performace jump in Microsoft Word (damn, my spell checks

take forever!). Has anyone tried it under Linux?

Burritos for Breakfast?

Looks like General Mills will finally start selling burritos for breakfast. Over

at their new experimental site MyCereal.com,

anyone can custom design their own cereal and General Mills will send it to you.

Of course, I am not sure what type of hot sauce mixes best with milk, but this

is certainly a step in the right direction.

For all of you Britney Spears fans...

Junk Yard Wars Marathon

This Friday, November 24th on TLC — a Junkyard Wars marathon — starts at noon ET/PT!

The guide to forum posting.

Over at somethingawful.com you can find this humorous guide to posting in forums. This is obviously something you guys need to look at, since nobody has posted any comments on anything yet and I've been working my ass off here putting up articles and exciting information for everyone.

Has your Cable/xDSL connection got you down?

When we all first got our highspeed connection, the world couldn't have been better.

But now I won't settle for my 150k/sec download. Oh whatever shall I do? Good

thing Tweak3D is looking out

for us. Here are some tips to tweak out your Windows settings.

I think Amazon shouldn't start selling cars either?

Our favorite website for reporting

dot-com failures has announced CarsDirect

laid off 90 of it's 750 employees this week followed by the recent announcement

that AutoWeb slashed 25% of it's workforce.

Excuse me, what the heck made these companies think they would turn a profit by

selling a $25,000 car over the internet at below the dealer invoice anyway? Call

Break out the Visine

Came across this site today and my eyes will never be the same. Of course, I didn't do too poorly, as any self respecting geek gets lots of practice staring at monitors all day.

Truetype fonts under X

Ever wished you could add Truetype fonts to X-windows? Well it's actually pretty easy, all you need to do is follow the simple steps listed below and in no time at all, you'll be surfing the web with Verdana.

WinAmp v2.7 released!

New version of WinAmp released today. Let's listen to all those MP3s we didn't get illegally!


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