Sweet, sweet Linux...

That's not a bald spot, it's a solar panel for a sex machine.

Came across a site that has a database of over 3000 cliches (klE-'shA). Don't beat around the bush, check it out right now.

There's always time for a Sacrifice.

Just downloaded the Sacrifice demo. It's a pretty cool game..."It's got a nice beat, and it's really easy to dance to." Anyhow, the look and play of the game is reminiscent of Myth, so if you liked that, you will probably like Sacrifice. You can get your own copy of the demo right here or here. Be warned, the download weighs in at about 100Megs.

High quality pimpin' mp3 stream

Well I still haven't received my dual processor motherboard to setup the permanent "Pimp Station", however I do have a temporary server streaming tunes out. It's been up now for almost 2 days straight, so it seems to be at least somewhat stable. I've got about fifty hours of music on the server currently, with more music being "ripped" as I type this up. Mostly modern rock: Tool, Cake, Dave Matthews, Beck, etc..., but some rap and 70's pimp stuff too.

Telebubby Funland

"Hey PO my bro where you wanna go? Behind dis door I got three fine HOs..."

A favorite site of the linux pimp.

Are you Unwatchable???

OK. Here's a new topic - movie reviews.

Saw Unbreakable on opening day and Ramana-shana-ding-dong did not make another 6th Sense. While Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson should make for a good movie, they didn't. The story was slow, and the twist-ending was weak. Took 2 hours to tell a 1 hour story.

Might be worth watching at 2am on HBO if nothing else is on, and didn't suck as bad as Any Given Sunday, but if I had it to do again, I'd have paid my $$$ to see The Grinch.

Pentium 4 Recalled!

Oh wow. Just when I was getting ready to put my new Pentium 4 processor in it's

new home,

I learn Intel has decided it needs to recall

it's Pentium 4 processors. I am embarrassed for Intel.

The Musical Sounds of Bad Hard Drives

I was searching Seagate's website for some

warranty information on one of my hard drives, when I found the musically delightful


page dedicated to what a "bad" hard drive sounds like. I don't know

if Seagate is trying to scare it's less technically savvy customers or entertain

the computer gurus, but either way, I love this page.

Kangaroos with Stinger missiles.

Xey sent in this amusing article about object oriented kangaroo programming. Read more here.

Streaming MP3 goodness.

Feel like you're forced to listen to all those deliciously pimpy MP3 streams at icecast.org and shoutcast.com on your Windows machine because Netscape won't open up XMMS automatically when you click on the stream link? Well, I've got the cure for your eardrum deficit, just click to read more.

BORG envy?

Ever wished you looked more like those lovable BORG from Star Trek? "Who hasn't" you quietly murmur to yourself...well here's your chance. According to this article at infoworld usable wearable computers have just gotten one step closer to reality. The product comes from a company called Xybernaut.

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