Sweet, sweet Linux...

Woman in Idaho gives birth to llama.

Ok, not really, but it made for a good headline. The real story, is that through the wonders of modern science, a cow (named Bessie, of course) in Iowa is set to give birth to a rare Asian ox. Unfortunately, the article says that this technique can't be used to revive extinct species. Ahh well, so much for having my own Archaeopteryx.

Access Denied.

CNN is reporting that "nearly 2 million users of the Mindspring Internet service provider were unable to access their accounts Thursday morning when a brief power failure disrupted a server."

What happens if Linus gets hit by a bus?

This article at business2.com discusses just this topic with Eric Raymond, a well known proponent of GNU/Linux. According to the article, "It's a crucial question, if only because Linux has emerged as a serious competitor to Microsoft, grabbing 23 percent of the market for server operating systems last year, according to IDC."

Lab Rabbit Strongly Recommends Cover Girl Waterproof Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

For those easily affended, please avoid this article at all costs, everyone else, click here immediately.

Source code commentary.

Yoda came across some source code comments he wrote and shared it with me. I found it rather amusing, so I thought that I'd share it with you guys.

Dating Geeks

My girlfriend emailed me this

link. It is probably one of the funnier "geek" lists I have seen

in a while.

Decode Minesweeper, Win A Million Dollars!

Borrowed this from the Generation 5 AI headlines...

In a nutshell, Richard Kaye has shown that decoding the game Minesweeper for any size board is NP Complete. Remember that NP is non-deterministic polynomial, not non-polynomial.

The Clay Mathematics Institute in Cambridge is offering a one million dollar prize to anyone who can disprove the "P vs NP Conjecture", and decoding Minesweeper would do just that.

Crackers, crackers everywhere and not a drop to drink.

The sad fact of life, is that if your machine is connected to the Internet (which it probably is, or else you wouldn't be reading this), you are a target for Crackers and Script Kiddies. The only way to be absolutely certain no one from the outside can access your machine is to completely disconnect it from the Internet altogether. If you find that this is an adequate security solution for yourself, you may also find that it helps to huddle in the corner of your underground bunker with your eyes covered as well.

Killing time is fun.

Chris, the "Rocket Pimp" sent word to the Pimp Palace, via a trained carrier pigeon, that instead of working, he's been spending his time at sodaplay. A very cool java applet makes its home there. Here's where you can fulfill all your simulation stimulation needs.

The "Rocket Pimp's" instructions: "...grab the little guys with your mouse and whip them around." Now if that doesn't sound like a good time, I'm not sure what does.

All good things come from guys named Norm.

In my effort to spread useless knowledge and party trivia to geeks everywhere (do geeks really need party trivia?), I thought that I'd dole out a little info about that lovable chemical we have all taken for granted at one time or another (no, not alcohol): WD-40. WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt and was invented by the chemist Norm Larsen in 1953. I'm sure you're itching to know more about this magical potion, so you will definitely want to venture to their site.

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