Sweet, sweet Linux...

Musically inclined.

I've done my fair share of "garage band" jamming in my day, in fact I still have a pretty complete "home studio" setup in my...errr..home, especially now that Yoda keeps his brand new Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Piece drumset there. Anyhow, if you and your geek troop have visions of becoming the next Back Street Boys, perhaps all that you're missing is the right name.

You will be assimilated.

This article over at CNN discusses the fact that "futurist" Professor, Kevin Warwick, will be implanting a computer chip into his skull this coming summer. "We simply don't know what my brain will do," Warwick said.

Unfortunately, Warwick's brain could not be reached for comment.

LEGO's, dinosaurs, and too much spare time.

Here's a website by a fellow who has made the largest LEGO creature I've ever seen. He's got some other interesting LEGO sculptures there as well, so have a look. If you're the kind of geek who digs robotics, you might as well have a look at the pretty cool Mindstorm part of their site too.

Nothing says it's gonna be a geeky Christmas quite like LEGO's under the tree.

Hey Jeb, what's this button for?

Two Men Shoot First, Figure It Out Later

WINNIPEG (Reuters) - Two 20-year-old men in rural western Canada could be banned from handling firearms after what police on Friday called a bizarre experiment.

Stroll down (Internet) memory lane.

I was feeling particularly lonely and nostalgic this morning, for the good ole' days. You know, when there was only a handful of badly colored .gif files to be found on the net, and you were stoked to have purchased that brand new 14.4 modem for $200 and amazed at the raw surfing speed at your fingertips. Well, I just came across the old NCSA Mosaic website.

Government run by morons...full story at 10.

Using my keen schnauzer sense of smell to sniff out meaningless news and anecdotes, I have come across a cool site called Dumblaws. It's got a list of stupid laws that are still kept in the books. Anyway, being from Louisiana, I was particularly interested in seeing what's in the books for my fine state.

Rip it, rip it good.

With the introduction of the Pimp Station I was looking for a way to increase the number of CD's I can rip simultaneously (we currently have over 700,620 seconds of music). This is the very simple solution I came up with to double the number of CD's I can rip at one time.

A Linux virus? I guess they do exist.

MSNBC is reporting on the rapid spread of a new virus, dubbed "Prolin" (Pro-Linux) because it uges people who get infected to install Linux. The message included with the virus attachment (creative.exe) says "Check out this new flash movie that I downloaded just now ... It’s Great. Bye". You can read the entire article right here.

Alright, which one of you did this?

Chicken head found in wing box

Yoda has done it again, he pointed me to the Daily Press, which has an article about a woman who found a whole fried chicken head inside of the box of wings she ordered at her local McDonalds in Virginia.I'm all for fast food, but this thing is just plain disgusting looking. I think I'll stick to salad for lunch today.

Security Firm's Site Defaced

Wired is reporting on the fact that Network Associate's site has been hacked. Looks like it was done through a known vulnerability. You can read all about it right here. You can check out a mirror of the defaced site at this location.

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