Sweet, sweet Linux...

Hot and spicy Anime action.

Just downloaded the Oni demo from Bungie Software. This game frickin kicks! You can download it from Liquidcore, by clicking here.

Can't wait for this one. Mucho funno.

New Study Finds UNIX is Better than Windows

Unix is better than Windows, or at least when it comes to who gets paid. This

article points out that your average Unix System Administrator makes about

$10,000 more than his or her Microsoft counterpart. Some interesting notes in

the article include that females are closing the salary gap in some areas: "Women

who manage primarily Windows and Novell systems, and who have college degrees,

Retro gaming fix.

Into the retro gaming? Well, you can get a nice fix at this site. If you have a Java enabled browser handy, you can play all sorts of great classics online. With games like Galaga, Super Mario Bros, and 1942, you can't go wrong.

Good thing they don't have Asteroids, cause I'd have to spend all day trying to flip it (again).

New moons spotted around Saturn

This article over at CNN says that "Astronomers have detected four additional moons orbiting Saturn, raising the total number of known satellites around the gas giant to 28, far surpassing any other planet."

Now if they could just find those socks I keep losing in the dryer.

Encrypt those mail servers.

If you're setting up a mail server under Linux, you may want to consider enabling encryption for your users, so that they may prevent their login passwords and usernames from being "sniffed". This can be done rather easily with a program called stunnel, which is included with RedHat 7.0.

Brains, we don't need no stinkin brains.

An Anonymous Pimp sent me this picture. If it's real, it's unbelievable! I attached his explanation below. Click here to view the picture.

Make money NOW! Work from home!

Man, I really hate SPAM. My typical mood is one of moderate anger, and with every SPAM message I get throughout the day, I tend to treat my officemates with less and less patience. Anyhow, this very cool website called spammimic.com actually does something useful with those messages we all love to hate. Now you too can encode secret messages inside of seemingly common pieces of SPAM mail! Hurry, this offer won't last forever!

Now where did I put my magic decoder ring?

I listen to CounterStrike MP3s in my car, do you?

Have you ever run a search for Counter-Strike

MP3s on Napster? Not only is it a way to

legally use Napster, but it turns up hundreds of results. Most of it is nothing

more than horrible .WAVs that got mixed in with someone's new Yamaha

keyboard, but once in a while, you can come across something truly bizarre. How

about this

Speeding up that IDE harddrive.

After setting up a fresh install of Linux, one of the first things I do is adjust my harddrive settings. The standard RedHat installation doesn't use the optimal settings for IDE harddrives (other distributions, such as Mandrake, may already include these optimizations). However, there is a simple utility you can use to easily adjust the settings to perhaps dramatically improve your disk throughput.

Live action Lara Croft.

The first Quicktime trailer for the upcoming (June 15th) Lara Croft movie, starring Angelina Jolie, is on Apple Computer's site. The Quicktime can be viewed here and the Realplayer version can be had here.


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