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Panasonic, NEC Unveil 9 LiMo Handsets

Two members of the Linux Foundation launched LiMo-compliant mobile phones Tuesday as the group seeks to make a mark against the more established platforms currently dominating the wireless marketplace. The nine phones were developed by NEC and Panasonic Mobile Communications for NTT DOCOMO.

Ksplice: Update computers without rebooting

Every enterprise wants to harden its servers and increase uptime, but security updates often require reboots. Companies that want to please their customers need a better way to apply software updates. One potential solution for Linux servers is Ksplice, which can seamlessly apply live updates while the system is running.

Will Linux Shine as Google Chrome OS?

Why might Chrome OS succeed where others haven’t? Because Google owns the Internet and that’s where the future is. In their announcement, Google makes it clear that Chrome OS is designed to allow developers to run web based applications via any operating system. It’s a shift. Microsoft owned the days of thick clients running locally installed programs. Google owns

Clever Linux folk find way around Microsoft FAT file system patent

Score one for Linux developers. Andrew Tridgell, one of the lead developers on the Samba project, may have developed a workaround which will bypass a Microsoft patent on the ubiquitous FAT, VFAT and FAT32 file systems.

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Linux: It doesn't get any faster

Linux has increased its already substantial supercomputer market share to 88.6%. Linux is followed by hybrid Unix/Linux systems with 5.8%; Unix, mostly IBM's AIX, with 4.4%; and running close to last, Windows HPC (high-performance computing) with 1%.

Plugging In $40 Computers

What would you do with a $40 Linux computer the size of a three-prong plug adapter?

Marvell Technology Group is counting on an army of computer engineers and hackers to answer that question. It has created a “plug computer.” It’s a tiny plastic box that you plug into an electric outlet. There’s no display. But there is an Ethernet jack to connect to a home n

Survey: Even Linux-loving firms only deploy it to one-fifth of employees

Half of the businesses that have deployed Linux on the desktop have rolled it out to less than 20% of their workers due to perceived and real obstacles, according to a survey released today by UK analyst firm, Freeform Dynamics.

Moblin v2.0 Beta: Linux Netbook's Best Hope?

On Tuesday Intel breathed some life its fledgling mobile operating system with the beta release of Moblin v2.0. Moblin (short for “Mobile Linux”) is an open source Linux distribution created by Intel and built specifically for netbooks, MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), smartphones and up-and-coming platforms, such as the unfortunately named “In-Vehicle Infotainment systems.”

Linux doesn't need marketing

Most Linux adepts will agree Linux could have a higher market share than it does today, if it had been marketed more effectively in the past. Therefore, lots of those adepts stress “Linux needs more marketing!” Some efforts have been done, most notably I remember the Indy 500 car which advertised Linux, and more recently the "We're Linux" Video Contest by Linux

Why small is beautiful

Until now, the received wisdom has been that Linux will never take off with general users because it's too complicated. One of the achievements of the Asus Eee PC is that it has come up with a front end that hides the richness of the underlying Linux system. It divides programs into a few basic categories - internet, work, learn, play - and then provides large, self-explanatory icon

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