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India loves their hackers.

This story on CNN discusses India gathering together a panel of 19 teenage hackers as a way to help prevent cybercrime. All in all, probably a good thing, but one quote from the article made me cringe: "Hacker is a term used to describe those

who illegally break into computer systems to steal or copy information. Sometimes, they alter the content on a Web site and write offensive material. Young, adventurous minds are said to resemble those of hackers."

No you can't have him, I've become emotionally attached.

Thought about filing this one under "humor", but since someone died in the incident, I thought "information" was more appropriate. Anyhow, it seems a mentally deranged elephant pulled a man out of tree, broke his legs, then killed him and has kept the corpse with him for the past two weeks. You can find the whole, very odd, story here.

This is why I sit my ass in front of the computer all day, it's nice and safe.

Worst movies of 2000

Here's some picks for the worst movies of the year 2000. I haven't seen it yet, and our own amateur movie reviewer, Yoda, didn't like it, but Unbreakable made the list. Any movies missing from the list?

Aliens, secret weapons or thunder?

This article over at CNN discusses odd noises and lights that occured recently in Australia. So far, there is no known explanation for the events that took place, although it was witnessed by many people.

My guess: Herd of giant, flatulent, rocket powered kangaroos.

Good year for online shopping.

This story says that online shopping sales from this holiday season more than double last years numbers. "The study by investment bank Goldman Sachs and Web research firm PC Data said total Internet holiday spending rose to $8.7 billion from the $4.2 billion shoppers spent on the Web in 1999."

Carbonated milk?

CocaCola is considering expanding its line of products to include milk based drinks, citing a decline in the consumption of normal cola beverages. You can find the not so exciting article here.

Milk gives me gas.

Egghead has been own3d.

Looks like Egghead has been cracked. ZDNet is reporting in this article that up to 3.7 million credit cards have been stolen. According to the article, "...Egghead.com is using Microsoft's Internet Information Server, a common e-business server, as the platform for its online service."

This is exactly why my refrigerator will never get an IP address...I really hate warm milk.

Top 10 Adult PC games

Found a funny top 10 list in the archives of BBspot. You can view the list here. Warning, contains adult language...

I am Geek, hear me roar.

If you have never had the pleasure of reading The Jargon File, spank yourself and go do so now. It's got all sorts of good stuff that will help you identify yourself as the Geeky Pimp you always suspected you were.

The Pop-tart Blowtorch

Found a very old website where you can gaze in geeky wonder at a flaming Kellogg's Pop-tart blowtorch of sorts.

Be sure to take a look at the comments posted about this, here and here.

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