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747 Missle Command

Here's a link to an article that discusses an ongoing project to strap lasers to 747's in the hopes that they can be used to shoot down incoming ballistic missles.

They should strap these to commercial airplanes and give the laser controls to random passengers, what a great way to kill time on those long boring flights.

Securely copying files.

If you have Linux boxes located in remote locations, you probably have come across the need to grab files from those machines. The first application that usually comes to mind for copying files is FTP; this makes sense, considering that FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. The problem with FTP is that it is fairly insecure, as it transfers your username and password via cleartext.

USPO's offical stance on gene patenting.

The United Stated Patent Office has "...put to rest any question about whether genes can be patented -- making it clear that companies may do so...". The article brings up such goodies as: "...a person whose body includes a patented gene could be guilty of patent infringement."

Men prefer electronics over sex?

Truly scary, but this story over at TheRegister sites a study that says "Eight percent of men questioned by Youth Intelligence on behalf of Playboy magazine said they spent less time under the covers with their partner because they were too occupied with their hi-tech gadgets"

Delay sex for more CounterStrike (yes). CounterStrike instead of sex (No).

2001: Fact and Fiction

I spent New Years Eve on the couch of my living room watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I found this story about how different the real 2001 is from the one portrayed by Clarke and Kubrick to be a rather interesting read. Click on Read more to see some very interesting facts about the movie.

I caught a nasty virus this year, so I found myself bedridden, but watching 2001 at least helped to ease the pain.

The 2.4 Kernel is out.

Linus says it's out. Can't get to kernel.org though, as I think it's been Pimpdotted :o) The very "Pimp" looking site ufies.org (a fellow phpnuke user) has a local mirror here.

AOL sues over sex-related unsolicited email

CNET is reporting that in AOL has filed suit Cyber Entertainment Networks. From the article: "The lawsuit seeks an injunction against further spamming and damages, which could include $10 for each unsolicited email or $25,000 for each day a message was transmitted."

I wish I could get $10 for every piece of SPAM I've received.

Teen virginity pledges surprisingly effective

This article discusses the fact that girls who pledged to remain virgins did in fact obstain from sex for much longer than those that didn't take the pledge.

Now if I could just get all those teen girls to pledge their loyalty to "Tha Pimp" I'd be all set.

Ebay down for the count.

The popular auction site Ebay went down for several hours yesterday. This page has more information about it.

I sure am glad The Linux Pimp site never goes do

Palm Pilot robots.

This story reveals details about some cool Palm Pilot robots.

Maybe they could program the robot, so that every couple of days, it will autosync with your PC on its own. Now that would be a real automated backup.

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