Sweet, sweet Linux...

Linux, open source driving smartphone revolution

Google’s Linux-based Android operating system powers the industry’s latest must have, the Motorola Droid. Many more Android phones are making their debut, such as Motorola’s Backflip, which will be sold by AT&T it was announced at the Mobile World Congress this week. Apple must be thrilled.

Munich administration switches to OpenDocument Format

The LiMux project, which oversees Linux migration in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, has reached another milestone. According to a 2009 development review that the deputy project leader Florian Schießl has posted on his blog, open source OpenDocument Format (ODF) is now the main document exchange standard, with PDF being used for non-editable files. According to Schießl

Adding Facebook protocol support to Empathy

I just upgraded from Fedora 10 to Fedora 12 and decided to start using the Empathy chat application, instead of Pidgin. I wanted to get back my ability to chat with friends on Facebook via my local chat client, but Empathy did not have Facebook protocol support out of the box. However, making this work under Fedora 12 was extremely easy.

Shuttleworth steps down as Ubuntu CEO

In a morning press call on Dec. 17, 2009, Mark Shuttleworth announced that he was stepping down as head of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. In his place, Jane Silber, the current Chief Operating Officer who has been with Canonical since 2004, will take over as CEO.

The Future of Linux is Google

I used to think Ubuntu was destined to lead Linux into the mainstream, but now it's looking much more like Google--not Canonical--will be the first Linux vendor to truly challenge Microsoft.

Choosing a Desktop Linux Distro, Part 2

Homing in on the right Linux distro for you can be tricky. In addition to hardware considerations, there are compatibility issues, support requirements and even the culture of the community to take into account

Linux to Capture over 60 Percent of Smartphone Market

Linux is poised to emerge as the dominant mobile platform, capturing well over 60 percent of the smartphone market over the next seven years, says Telecom Trends International. Operating systems embracing the Linux platform include Android, Symbian, WebOS, and LiMo, the report said.

Linux Runs the Stock Exchange

Day trading is so passe. Today's sharp traders make their cash by trading milliseconds ahead of the other guy. To do that you need really fast stock exchanges, which is where Linux comes in.

Happy 50th Birthday, COBOL!

Today marks the official 50th birthday of one of the original development environments that started it all, which might make for a good time to consider where COBOL and mainframes are headed for the next 50 years.

10 Reasons Why Chrome OS Will Outshine Nokia, Linux on Netbooks

Google's Chrome operating system is poised to hit the Web. But can it beat out competing Linux distributions? You bet, especially on netbooks where Google will make a special push because it believes Chrome OS is ideal for lightweight PCs.

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