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Use Linux to Scan Unusable Windows Drives for Viruses

Often, even if we do catch a virus, it's not so difficult to eradicate it using installed anti-virus—but if your system has been crippled, try using Linux to scan the drive for viruses instead.

Deskop Linux is still not happening

I would love to see viable alternatives to the current mainstream operating systems. The PC market stands ready to be revolutionised by something new. But is Linux the agent of change that can do all of that? Not yet, I am afraid.

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Microsoft Signs Another Linux Patent Deal

Microsoft cut another one of those Linux patent covenants like it did with Novell.

This time it's with Japan's I-O Data Device Inc, whose customers will now be safe from Microsoft litigation for using I-O Data's network-attached storage devices and routers, which run Linux. The deal covers other related but unspecified open source software too.

Atol Delivers Flawless File Management With No Frills

The Atol file manager is a Norton Commander clone, meaning it mimics the architecture of the Norton Commander interface. Atol provides common file operations, archive browsing and much more. It effortlessly handles common file operations and offers support for archiver plug-ins. File splitting and file merging tasks are a snap with Atol, as are file encryption and decryption operati

Partitioning a Hard Drive using FDisk utility in Linux

You got a new hard drive and attach it to your laptop/desktop but before you can use it, you need to partition and format the hard drive. This can be done with a series of easy steps. This is a small and easy tutorial which will show you how to use fdisk, one of very famous utility for disk partitioning.

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Chuck Norris botnet karate kicks Linux routers

If you haven't changed the default password on your home router, you may be in for an unwanted visit from Chuck Norris - the Chuck Norris botnet, that is.

Time to Converge Monitoring and Management in Linux and Unix

I admit it: I'm slightly jealous of Microsoft server administrators. You see, in the Linux world, we have the power to create crazily robust and creative systems, but we're often reinventing the wheel.

Major legal victory for open source in US

The long running case of Jacobsen v. Katzer has been settled on terms favourable to Jacobsen, a developer of the Java Model Railroad Interface project. The case came about when Katzer incorporated Jacobsen's code into it's proprietary model trail software, after deleting the copyright notices that existed in the code.

LG GW990 Will Become an Intel MeeGo Phone

Nokia may talk the talk, but LG walks the walk. A day after Intel and Nokia announced they were merging their Maemo and Moblin Linux platforms to become MeeGo, a presenter at LG's press breakfast today confirmed that the LG GW990, the first phone based on Intel's Moorestown platform, will "transition" to MeeGo.

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Linux founder endorses Google's Nexus One

Linus Torvalds, leader of the Linux kernel programming project, said Saturday not only that he likes the Google phone, but that it was good enough to convert him into a mobile phone believer.

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