Sweet, sweet Linux...

Linux gamers will get some steam

THE BRILLIANTLY NAMED Steam, a popular game framework and online service created by the gaming company Valve, appears to be headed to Linux.

Information gathered by Phoronix, most importantly proof of Steam's Linux client existence discovered via Steam's Mac OS X launcher, indicates that this will happen in the not too distant future.

source VP8 for HTML5 Video

Google will soon make its VP8 video codec open source, we’ve learned from multiple sources. The company is scheduled to officially announce the release at its Google I/O developers conference next month, a source with knowledge of the announcement said. And with that release, Mozilla — maker of the Firefox browser — and Google Chrome are expected to also announce s

Powerful Video Editor Lightworks Released as Open Source

EditShare, the company behind Academy and Emmy award-winning video editing software Lightworks announced plans to release its product under an open source license. Lightworks was most recently used to edit movies like Shutter Island and Centurion, but is also credited with helping create otehr films like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Mission Impossible.

How to switch your small or home office to Linux

With Linux and free software making a name for itself in the world of big business, many people are testing the feasibility of switching small and home office software to their open source equivalents.

Analyst: New developer demographics favor Linux, PHP

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer might agree with The Who that "the kids are alright," but he's unlikely to appreciate their changing taste in programming languages and operating systems. But then, neither will Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Linux-based MeeGo mobile OS makes its netbook debut

Two months after announcing the merger of the Maemo and Moblin operating systems into a single open-source OS named MeeGo, Intel has demonstrated MeeGo running on a range of devices at its annual Intel Developer Forum chipfest in Beijing.

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Google to open source vp8 video codec

SEARCH-ENGINE OUTFIT Google is planning to open source the codec that powers Youtube.

Google has controlled the VP8 codec ever since it finalized the acquisition of video codec maker On2 Technologies in February.

Sony Disables Linux from PlayStation 3

Sony Computer Entertainment announced Monday that its PlayStation 3 game console would no longer support installation of third-party operating systems, including Linux. The move is unlikely to reduce popularity of the PS3 in general, but it will almost certainly decrease attractiveness of the platform among Linux fans in particular.

Ubuntu One Music Store Is Real and Has Entered Public Beta

The Ubuntu One Music Store is a new service, powered by 7digital, being integrated into Rythmbox as part of the Ubuntu 10.04 release (officially launching this April). If you’re familiar with services like Dropbox, Ubuntu One is the OS’s equivalent service with similar pricing and functionality. Unlike Dropbox, however, Ubuntu One users can now purchase music through the

50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect

Businesses, as well as governments, have slowly begun to realize the various benefits that Linux and open source software can provide. In fact, given that costs are more important to the decision making of businesses than governments, they arguably have an even greater incentive to check it out. Below are several businesses that have made the switch or begun making the switch from W

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