Sweet, sweet Linux...

First look: Fedora 11 beta shows promise

The Fedora development community has announced the availability of the first Fedora 11 beta release. The new release gives users the opportunity to get an early look at the features that will be included in the next major version of the popular Linux distro.

Linux laptops look to phone stores and Web for distribution

Microsoft's strategy for fighting off Linux laptops, which are Netbooks powered by Ubuntu or Android, seems clear. Keep them out of retail distribution. At a conventional computer store like Fry's in Duluth, Georgia this is working great.

10 ways Microsoft could help Linux

I confess, I never thought I would write such a title. Microsoft helping Linux? No way. I was always of the mind that Microsoft and Linux would forever be mortal enemies and one, hopefully Linux, would rise above the other in absolute world domination.

Well, that hasn't happened. In fact it seems as if the two operating systems are determined to coexist in the IT world.

Linux File Managers compared

TuxArena has a comparitive overview of 10 different file managers available for the Linux operating system. I typically use either PCManFM or Nautilus, but Vifm looks interesting, since I'm a fan of the VIM text editor.

Hard Times May Boost Linux Financial Services

Today Linux is the go-to operating system for high performance computing, while it continues to extend its footprint in the broader IT community. In the financial services arena, in particular, Linux is being seen as a critical technology for increasing ROI.

Google uncloaks once-secret server

Google is tight-lipped about its computing operations, but the company for the first time on Wednesday revealed the hardware at the core of its Internet might at a conference here about the increasingly prominent issue of data center efficiency.

Red Hat CEO questions desktop's relevance in Linux debate

Red Hat's CEO Jim Whitehurst pointed out several issues with running Linux on the desktop, including financial concerns the company has as a Linux vendor. "First of all, I don't know how to make money on it," Whitehurst said. "Very few people are running a desktop that's mission-critical," so they do not want to pay the company for a desktop OS, he said.

10 obscure Linux applications you need to try

Do a search for Linux applications on Freshmeat and you'll get around 11,828 hits. (As of January 12, 2008, that was the tally.) Of those 11,828 applications, which ones are worth using? Not 100 percent of them for sure. Still, buried within that grand total you will find a few gems that get zero publicity but are worth giving a go.

How Linux killed SGI (and is poised to kill Sun)

The fact that SGI was acquired by Rackable Systems for the sad sum of $25 million was big news on Wednesday only because most people had forgotten that the company, formerly better known as Silicon Graphics, still existed. Read more here.

Shuttleworth: Windows 7 an Opportunity for Linux

Microsoft might be betting big on Windows 7, the next version of its flagship operating system, but to Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth, the upcoming release is really an opportunity for Linux to shine. Read more here.

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