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Ubuntu Linux gets a comic book

In case you were concerned that Linux didn't have enough of a presence in pop culture, you can now read English translations of Ubunchu, a Japanese Manga comic series about three students in a sys admin club who are getting into Ubuntu.

Lenovo analyst: Linux on netbooks is doomed

“Linux, even if you’ve got a great distribution and you can argue which one is better or not, still requires a lot more hands-on than somebody who is using Windows. You have to know how to decompile codes and upload data, stuff that the average person, well, they just want a computer. So, we’ve seen overwhelmingly people wanting to stay with Windows because it just makes more sense: you just take it out of the box and it’s ready to go.”

Top 10 Firefox Add-ons for Linux Users

One of Firefox’s greatest strengths is that it can be extended to provide additional functionality to the end user. However, the vast number of extensions available for Firefox can be a bit overwhelming. We look at that top 10 Firefox add-ons that can improve your productivity on Linux.

Has Microsoft lost its war on open source?

Is Microsoft a friend or foe of open source? Going by the company's actions, Microsoft can't seem to decide whether to make love or war. But if it's war, Microsoft appears to lack the legal weaponry to defeat or even disturb its adversaries.

Ten ways Linux can turn you green

From energy savings to longer lifespans for equipment, Linux can improve the eco-credentials of your technology environment

Microsoft rep faces tough questions at Linux Summit

Microsoft's commitment to delivering compatibility with open source software is largely driven by user demand. Indeed, a growing number of companies are deploying Apache, PHP, and other open source software components on Windows-based servers. Microsoft seems to have noticed this trend and has been working to build closer ties with the Apache community.

Linux Life Insurance: 21 Top-Notch Backup Tools

Would you turn down a free insurance policy? That's exactly what Linux users get, thanks to this collection of free, open-source data backup tools. I have tried a lot of backup software over the years. And I know that one person's perfect backup tool is another person's waking nightmare. It all boils down to finding the right tool to match your personal preferences and your company's business needs.

New Linux based mobile computers from Nokia

Nokia is committing very serious resources to the development of it's own new Linux platform (originating from Maemo but significantly rewritten and much more advanced). It will be launching the new type of mobile devices/computers/communicators based on it later this year.

Three Reasons Linux Will Win in the Future

Linux is the fastest-growing platform in every aspect of computing. If you think about it, you'll realize just about every person in the modern world uses Linux multiple times every day. Whenever you program a DVR, visit an ATM, run a Google search, use an in-dash GPS or read an e-book on your Kindle, you're using some flavor of kernel-based software. As we add more devices into the mix, the list keeps growing.

Linux Desktop Hardware Myths Explored

Perhaps one of the most common myths surrounding desktop Linux is the belief that modern distributions do not provide decent hardware support.

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