Sweet, sweet Linux...

Exotic Linux distros can come in handy

Linux seems to offer a distribution for every occasion. Among these obscurer flavors are a few that you may not have encountered, but could be just what you need, says Jack Wallen.

10 Ways Linux Is Making Life Better

Linux has long played a leading role in the world of servers, due in large part to its stability, security and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). What many don't realize, however, is just how ubiquitous it's becoming in other parts of life as well.

Some cool quick Linux command line tricks

If you’ve used Linux long enough, you know there are some seriously cool tricks you can pull from the command line. Some of these tricks are just for fun, but the vast majority of them actually serve a purpose. It is the latter type of trick I want to highlight here.

Google shows off Honeycomb, 'built entirely for tablet': can it beat iPad 2?

Get ready: here comes Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb, the next iteration of Google's free Linux-based mobile operating system, which it says is "built entirely for tablet".

Incredibly Good, Lightweight, Very Minimal Ubuntu Derivative

Bodhi Linux is NOT yet another Ubuntu based Linux distro. Bodhi Linux is among a very few number of Ubuntu based distros that run Enlightenment(E17) window manager instead of the popular alternatives like GNOME or KDE.

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Linux 2.6.38 eliminates last main global lock, improving performance

The first release candidate for the upcoming Linux 2.6.38 kernel is now out and it could further improve Linux performance.

Brits Bridging Digital Divide With Cheap Linux PCs

Refurbished Linux computers and discounted Internet service are being offered in a bid to make the United Kingdom the world's first fully connected nation.

Russia's latest five-year plan calls for switch to Linux

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed an executive order calling for Russia's government to switch from proprietary operating systems such as Windows to Linux, starting in 2Q 2012. The switch is part of a five-year plan to transition to free software by 2015.

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How You Know When It's Time to Switch to Linux

It's easy to be content with your computer installation as long as it keeps doing what you want it to without too much trouble. When frequent problems arise, however, it's hard to remain faithful for long.

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Ten myths that plague Linux

Misconceptions about Linux run as deep as Bill Gates's pockets. Yet it's not the untruths that concern me, but the certainty with which they are expounded. Not all these issues are important but cumulatively they can combine to put people off the operating system.

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