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Things to check when your IPtables firewalls rules won't load after a reboot - CentOS

If you find that your IPtables rules aren't loading at all after you reboot your machine, there are a few simple things to check.

chkconfig --list|grep iptables

This command will show you if your rules are set to load on a reboot and at what runlevel. The output will typically look something like this:

R.I.P. Reader: Examining Adobe's history of disdain towards Linux users

Linux users have recently been celebrating the arrival of an official Photoshop for Linux— yup, once Adobe’s Photoshop-streaming-via-Creative-Cloud is out of beta for Chrome, Linux users will be able to use Photoshop in an official way.

Fedora 21 rolls three versions of Linux into one OS

Following hints earlier in the year, a beta of Red Hat Fedora Linux 21 has finally arrived in three incarnations: Cloud, Server, and Workstation. Fedora 21 also provides the first public glimpse of Project Atomic, Red Hat's initiative to produce a Linux distribution optimized as a Docker container host.

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Canonical pushes LXD, its new mysterious drug for Linux containers

With LXD, the company says, admins will be able to spin up new machine instances in "under a second" and launch hundreds of them on a single server, all with airtight security. The LXD software itself will provide a RESTful API for managing these container images with easy-to-use command line tools, either locally via a Unix socket or over the internet.

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Recently I was attempting to setup a VNC connection to a remote server (using the tigervnc-server-minimal RPM on Fedora), but wanted to use XDM for the login information so that I didn't have to create seperate login credentials. Following guides online such as this one: http://blog.sarah-happy.ca/2010/10/ubuntu-1010-vnc-login-screen.html I didn't have too much trouble configuring everything. The problem, however, was that when I attempted to connect to the remote VNC session all I got was just a black screen with a square mouse cursor on it, the XDM login screen never appeared.

Linux snickers at Microsoft's victory declaration

Who is Microsoft fooling? Other than on the desktop, Linux is eating its lunch, and it’s only going to get worse for Microsoft.

A Windows user’s guide to Linux

If you pay any attention to IT at all you’ll have heard of Linux. You’ll probably also have heard from the some that Linux is complicated, ugly and incomplete. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, Linux is now a full-fledged member of the operating system club and can do just about anything that any other OS can do and, in many cases, do a lot more than many other OSes can do.

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At 20, Linux is invisible, ubiquitous

Thursday marks 20 years since Linus Torvalds announced on a Web bulletin board that he'd begun working on a free computer operating system.

Chrome OS Will Likely Include Netflix Support

Linux users have long lamented the lack of Netflix support for the free and open source operating system, and Chrome OS has thus far suffered the same shortcoming. Requests for that feature, in fact, are common on forums for users of Google's experimental CR-48 Chrome OS-powered notebook computer.

Now, however, several reports are suggesting that official Netflix support is on the

The new Ubuntu Desktop: Unity

When Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu announced that the next version of the popular Linux, Ubuntu 11.04, would use Unity, instead of GNOME as its default desktop interface he shocked the Linux desktop community. Now, with the release of the Ubuntu 11.04 beta, we can get a real look at Unity.

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